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Cost Effective Advertising
Good News Weekly is less expensive than other print media, and because we distribute in your local community, you know that you are getting targeted advertising for a very affordable price.

High Quality Print & Paper
All Good News Weekly publications are printed on an 11 inch X 17 inch 70lb paper with a custom finish. This helps advertisements stand out, and look more professional and appealing to readers.

We Publish Weekly
As the name suggests, Good News Weekly is a weekly publication that is distributed to cafĂ©’s, offices, hair salons, and any other place that people spend time in Vancouver downtown. The paper is distributed crisp and clean every Friday morning, so that it is fresh and new for the bustling weekend visitors.

Exclusive Advertising
Each publication holds only one slot per advertising category. By choosing to advertise with Good News Weekly, you lock in your category of business for as long as you wish to advertise with us. There is no favoritism here, simply first-come-first-serve.

Website Backing
Unlike other traditional weekly publications, Good News Weekly offers a fully operational website for readers to visit. will reproduce the content of the physical paper for viewers who prefer to do their reading online. All advertisers will get a complimentary listing on our website, and can also choose to place advertising on the sidebars, or even on the articles of each page. Even better, write an article about how your business is supporting the local community, and we will post it to our site FREE. This is a great way to build good will in the Vancouver community.

Targeted Audience
Good News Weekly distributes papers in the same community that it’s advertising comes from. You will only have to pop into the coffee shop or nail salon across the street to find a copy of our paper, meaning that the local community is constantly reading and aware of your local business.

Fresh and Modern
Traditional weekly publications are beginning to look dated and out of place. They have websites that are not in keeping with modern requirements, and do not offer the fresh clean look of Good News Weekly. You can be confident that if you advertise with our paper, you will always be associated with a company that is fresh, fun, and forward thinking.

Short and Entertaining
The articles in Good News Weekly are short, entertaining, and easy to read, keeping viewers engaged and excited to pick up the latest issue. With an average reading time of 5-7 minutes per newsletter, this also leaves ample time to read the ads

Weekly Ad Rotation
Ads are rotated on a weekly basis to ensure the publication always looks new and fresh, and to ensure that all advertisers receive a top position at various points throughout the year.

Ad Design Included and Customizable
Who has time to create an ad? Well… in fact, we do! Included in the cost of advertising is free designing of the actual ad itself. We have marketing professionals on staff who will ensure that each ad is designed specifically to the target audience. And don’t worry if you want to change, that is included too! Change your ad as often as you want, and however you want! It is just that simple.

Contests and Promotions
Good News Weekly holds great contests and promotions that will attract a loyal following of readers. Each week we will have a question posted online that require readers to locate something in the physical paper, and then enter their answer online. This encourages readers to look over the entire paper, and also visit the website, each and every week! In addition, sponsoring a competition will give your company FREE web, and paper advertising for the duration of the contest. Contact us for details on how to sponsor.

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