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The Canadian Alternative Rock Group 54-40 takes their name from the slogan "fifty-four forty or fight!" In the first half of the nineteenth century, when Britain represented Canada, a land dispute with America emerged. Both Britain and America felt rights for expansion into an area of land known as Oregon Country. America felt it had valid claim to the entire Oregon Country which sat at parallel 54 40. 

Tensions grew between the British and The US, and the slogan "fifty-four forty or fight!" almost made rise to a third war in 70 years between Britain and the US. Luckily, deteriorating relations with Mexico forced US president James K Polk to back down in compromise at the last minute. The border between Canada and America was moved back to the 49th Parallel (and remains so to this day) thus leaving parallel 54-40 Canada's own. The band 54-40 encompasses this victory and Canadian pride.


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