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Cyclists striped down to the nude and rode in cities around the world including six in Canada to take part in World Naked Bike Ride Day!

The event, which happened on June 12 is set to demonstrate the vulnerability of cyclists on the road, promote the energy-saving virtues of bicycling acting as a protest against car culture. This peaceful, imaginative, and fun protest has been observed in over fifty cities around the world with thousands of participants. One Canadian city, Halifax for the past three years has joined the fun providing free food, and amateur and professional artists to paint the bikes and bodies of participants.

Organizer Tom MacDonald says the event is intended to highlight the bicycle as an alternative to cars and other oil-consuming methods of travel. Besides, “there’s nothing like it!” he says. “It’s the wind on your face and the realization that your body is beautiful no matter what!”

How is that for both fighting environmentalism and increasing self-esteem all at the same time!

I guess if you want to make a statement, this is the way to do it!


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