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If you want to get your heart rate, blood pressure, or hormone levels checked, you would have to make a visit to your doctor’s office or local hospital, right? WRONG! At least if you are male anyway. A team of US scientists in San Diego have designed some revolutionary men’s briefs that are comfortable, durable, and stylish, but differ in one small way from regular underpants, they may be able to save lives!

The garments have printed on the waistband, an electronic biosensor that is in constant contact with the skin, and measures vital signs.

The project funded by the US military and spearheaded by Professor Joseph Wang at the University of California makes a breakthrough in the field of ‘intelligent textiles’ and denotes a shift to more home-based management of health care.

Ideally the underwear will be used for a variety of purposes.
For military, the sensors will eventually be able to locate and identify the soldier’s type of injury and direct the release of medication to treat the wound.

For the elderly, the underwear garment might offer remote health monitoring of cardiac, stroke, and diabetic markers. Imagine what that would do to free up hospitable space!

Athletes may use the biosensors to provide information on stress hormones, sugar levels, and even alcohol blood content! This may mean a whole new revamp of what drug testing might entail at the Olympics!

Wang asserts there is still more work to be done to ensure the sensors are robust and durable enough to cope with the daily wearers activity.

As for articles made for women, there was no mention. I, on the other hand can’t help but wonder, in world where everyone wears biosensor undergarments, will the term ‘sexy underwear’ ever exist again? 


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