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Yup, that is the official word coming out of last week. A record 3,282 tweets per second where recorded during the extremely intense World Cup match between Japan and Denmark. Followed closely by final NBA game between the LA Lakers and the Boston Celtics which recorded 3,085 tweets per second.

With so many tweets bouncing around the world, we decided to login, monitor, and report some of the more humorous ones. We hope you enjoy.

daveshumka: If Canada was in the World Cup, we'd stay late to help stack chairs.

smashedthehomie: The World Cup ain't even in English.

theandyking: No wonder this has been a lackluster World Cup, Budweiser is the 'official beer'. "Budweiser, for those who like to settle for mediocrity."

MirrorFootball: Tevez clearly offside - another dreadful decision. World Cup now null and void - they should call whole thing off. Or start it all again!

Miss_Sheri_Ann: Since USA is now out of the world cup...I will now choose my team based on who has the cutest goalie. It's a scientific process.

JennyandMeggie: So if England are out of the world cup - can we have Eastenders back on BBC1???

IAmRoiyaru: World Cup Fever is back. Chillin in my bed & cooling out to the spontaneous screams & shouts of my pop & grandpop in the den. Beautiful.

sween: The most Canadian conversation ever. "Is Canada in the World Cup?" "No." "Oh." "But one of the referees is Canadian!" "Oh! That's nice!"


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