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It appears that human’s desire to get naked and test the limits of insanity prevails again

While we, in Vancouver are getting ready to strip down to cute bikinis and stylish swim shorts to cool off and bask in the rich summer sun, it appears others are shedding clothes for a whole different reason.

A bizarre nudist subculture has taken shape on the inhospitable snow swept plains of Antarctica.

If you are visiting, living, or working on Antarctica, taking off your clothes and defying -50C weather is the type of thing that gets you prestige and membership into the Antartica Nudist Club!

Author and Scholar Chris Cormick is surprised by the multicultural appeal of the club, describing that different nationalities all incorporate the nudist sub-culture in a different way.

Australian, for example oblige the loser of any bet or dare to take part in a naked ‘bliz run’ of one lap around the accommodation building.

New Zealanders go skinny-dipping in Lake Vanda, with a plunge in the freezing water earning membership of the Royal Lake Vanda Swim Club. Former NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark is rumored to have attained membership before being elected.

Americans, on the other hand have created what they call the 300 Club. Participants run from a hot sauna directly outside passing through 300 degrees Farenheit in seconds.

Chris Cormick has felt compelled to document and speak about this practice because there are no official records. However, Cormick says, the nudist club is a real reality. He presents his report of nudist activity on Antarctica this week at the University of Tasmania.


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