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GNW BC Place Commentary: The roof is scheduled for completion by September 30th! And I must admit, it is looking pretty good. The staff at Good News Weekly took the long awaited opportunity on July 31st to check out the inside of the BC Place Roof project.  There wasn't much to see, other than the shell of what is to come, but with a squinted eye you can imagine just how grand it will look when all is said and done.

It still remains to be seen as to whether the new BC Place roof will be a pinnicle, or ultimate eye-sore of beautiful Vancouver skyline. But having already bought my Grey Cup tickets well in advnace, I am looking forward to experiencing the full adventure of the new roof!

Watch the Roof Come Down on Video HERE

See What the Roof is Going to Look Like HERE

Watch a Promo Video Here

Covered in Snow

Here at Good News Weekly we have an absolutely fantastic side view of BC Place and the progress of the new retractable roof. Every Tuesday we will post new pictures of what the new BC Place Roof looks like.

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A few facts about BC Place
The 60,000-seat stadium located on the eastern edge of downtown Vancouver was built by the province in 1983.

The need to replace the white, puffy marshmallow roof that has dominated the city's skyline became apparent in January 2007, when the Teflon-coated covering tore open and collapsed, leaving the fabric flapping in the wind.

PavCo signed a fixed-priced contract for the new retractable roof with PCL Constructors Canada Inc., provincial Tourism and Culture Minister Kevin Krueger said Friday morning.

The roof will be paid for with a 40-year $458 million loan to PavCo from the province, as part of its capital plan funding, but Krueger did not provide further details on the funding arrangement.

"A new retractable roof will allow PavCo to attract a broader range of sporting and entertainment events and continue to host the province's largest consumer shows and cultural events that benefit Vancouver and our entire province," Krueger said.

"It will also allow us to provide a revitalized home to the BC Lions and allow for the establishment of the first season of the Vancouver Whitecaps as a Major League Soccer franchise in 2011."

The artist's rendering of what the new roof on BC Place would look like also includes two new condomium towers and a new Vancouver Art Gallery on the waterfront. (PavCo)
"This investment in our future is expected to create 3,000 person-years of employment and ensure British Columbia has a world-class stadium for decades to come," Krueger said.

The retractable roof will also cut energy costs by $350,000 annually, and a further $100,000 a year will be saved through operational streamlining, officials said.

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  1. Jacob says:

    It seems like they didn't get much done in October.

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is going to be a joke, heard that the roof will not be able to close if it starts too rain. what a waiste of money told you they should have ripped it down build a 30,000 seat stadium on the wtaer front for the lions and whitecaps, this thing is too big to begin with the only time it is going to sell out is a huge concert or an world wide sporting event, i hope the grey cup crashes and burns and they get only 30.000 out for that and the whitecaps are forced to relocate back to swangard, away with the lions ( fold or move) nobody in this town cares about them anywase.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Count the masts, alot was done in october. We can only put up the steel as fast as it arrives. Alot more goes into this then just hooking it on the crane and hanging it up there. All those masts come in many peices and are fit, welded and assembled before being placed in the jig, having the post tentioning cables attached and slowing lifting it into place. It also takes a long time to maneuver those cranes around and it becomes more and more difficult with all the new cables. The erection will be done on time. Just hope the painters can get it all painted.

  4. Steve says:

    I heard that the roof wont be able to close in the rain.

    Isn't that the point of a retractable roof in Vancouver?

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