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If you think you’ve been to some wild parties in your day, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Germany has upped the ante by holding the world's largest street party. “Still Life” (part of the celebrations for the Ruhr region Cultural Capital of Europe 2010) brought the Autobahn to a stand still, and partygoers to the streets - in the millions.

Over 3 million people, and 1 million litres of beer, took to the streets in a party that stretched for 60km along the A40 Autobahn between the western German cities of Dortmund and Duisburg; a stretch of road usually streaming with cars speeding along at break neck speeds of over 160km/hour. But on July 18th, the highest speed recorded was one man’s desperate sprint from his table to the bathroom.

20,000 tables were set up in what is arguably the world’s longest banquet, and within a few hours of the party beginning, there wasn’t a seat to be found. Some German’s saw this as a great warm up to the upcoming Oktoberfest, arguable the world’s most famous outdoor party. While others saw the event as a great opportunity to simply hang out on the Autobahn for the first time without fearing for their lives.

“I travel along this Autobahn to work and sit in traffic jams every day right here,” said Inge (56) at the table of a theatre group from the town of Kamp-Lintfort. “The last time this Autobahn was empty here was in 1974 during the oil crisis, when they closed all motorways on Sundays.”

The Good news is… everyone shared everything: cool drinks, home-baked cakes, and even the toilet paper when it ran scarce in the portable toilets. Nice!


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