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Brazilian designer Lucia Lorio has introduced a new line of sexy lingerie that comes with a high tech twist. Hidden amongst the padding and lace of each pair of bra and panties is a small GPS tracking system, capable of locating the undergarment within a meter of it’s actual position. Yup, you heard right, GPS built right in to the underwear!

The GPS underwear can be tracked via a home computer or cell phone, and has left many men eager to buy a pair in order to keep tabs on their wives. Unfortunately for them, the GPS has an on/off switch and is password protected, making unsolicited monitoring impossible. Even so, how many women would like to be tracked?

It seems to me that having GPS built into socks would be more useful, given that one always seems to go missing. But I guess tracking your underwear can be a good thing too. You might be concerned about its whereabouts after a hazy Friday night on Granville Street!

The price tag for a pair of these modern day knickers starts as low as $500 and goes as high as $1200 for more sophisticated models. An intriguing idea. However, for all the guys out there, I think you might score way more points if you buy your gal diamonds instead!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Wonder why men are eager to have these underwear to keep tabs on their wives? How about a GPS for their penis? The last time I checked, men are the ones that need these GPS devices. Think how much easier Maria Shriver's life would have been if Arnold had boxer shorts (please tell me he does not wear those tidy whities) that had the GPS system? At any rate, these GPS underwear are disturbing and I hope this company goes out of business.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I hope this company goes out of business too. They do not deserve to remain in business targeting women. I also think that if your hubby can track so can others by hacking, what a risk for wealthy families.

  3. Stephan says:

    Aren't you all taking this article a bit too seriously!?

    I mean, it strikes me that no one HAS to wear the underwear. It seems like it is more of a gimmicky thing. Soooo..... relax....

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think its a great idea, what if she was abducted and cant call the police? Its a safety bra.

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