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Coffee shops, hotels, and airports all over the world are all joining the Wifi train, and offering free internet access at their retail locations. The likelihood is that you too are sitting in a café or restaurant that offers free wifi, or some form of ad supported version.

Gone are the days of roaming the streets in search of an unprotected network. Scanning through the list of wifi names including the likes of Sir Buttsalot, The Canadian Adoniss, Dudes Who Like to Drink A lot, and my personal favourite, Don’t Steal My Wifi!

But what effect is this contant hyper-connected world having? Well some say we are getting one step closer to “ultra-connectivity”, a term meaning to be at one with the internet. I’m not exactly sure what ‘to be at one’ means but I have noticed that some frequent users of wifi no longer speak in normal tongue choosing to simplify their conversation methods with LOL’s, IMO’s, TTYL’s, and BRB’s to name a few.

This may leave some of you feeling left out of the conversation, but never fear the internet and wifi are an equal opportunity experience. Simply logon to a new site called, type in a phrase, and instantly receive a complete translation of the internet slang that has your mind spinning.

IMO TXTing slang makes me LOL, but W/E, my POS, so I better TTYL. TG I am not NIFOC, OMG that would be so embarrassing!

Translation: In my opinion texting slang makes me laughing out loud, but whatever, my Parent Over Shoulder, so I better talk to you later. Thank god I am not naked in front of computer, oh my God that would be so embarrassing!


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