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Maybe... it all depends on what is involved right? Well the answer is simple, if you want to live a long and healthy life, you have to get Married! Yup, marriage - the one word that can send a man running for dear life, may actually be the exact thing that will increase his longevity.

According to a recently released Pew Research Center analysis of demographic and economic data over the last four decades, married men live longer. In 1970, most men had the pressure of being the sole financial provider for their household, but now 22% of women make more than their husbands, and 50% of women make similar or equal income. An extra breadwinner in the house helps married men feel more financially secure and less stressed.

In addition, married men tend to engage in less risky behaviors such as drinking and driving, and jumping off cliffs. They begin to exercise more and eat healthier; something that single men seem to lose control of.

Women seem to instinctively know how to nurture, and most men, as tough as they are, just want to be taken care of! It shows in the statistics. Happily married men live longer, healthier lives!

So guys, what are you waiting for?? Go out there and get hitched! Your life depends on it!

Warning: Possible side effects of marriage include extra expenses
for diamonds, flowers, anniversaries, and romantic getaways. May
also require mind-reading and the ability to cope with constant
nagging about cleanliness and disgusting habits. Marriage is not for
everyone, so please consult your best friend before using marriage
as a regular treatment.


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