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Pull out your flip flops and shorts cause summer is finally here!

Trying to stay fashionable is an ongoing struggle (especially for us ladies) so here’s a few tips on how to stay modern trendy and fresh during the many hot sunny days to come !

Be Modern: Rid yourself of those tight short shorts. Try for some slightly loose torn denim shorts and let your junk in the trunk breathe a little!
A plain tank or t-shirt will keep you looking contemporary with those chic denim shorts.

Keep it Trendy: Once you have your simple outfit with the tank and jean shorts going on, you can accessorize it with a longer necklace with an audacious pendant to liven your ensemble.

Look Fresh: Colours like sky blue, or yellow are colours that stand out but keep you looking fresh. Try to keep the colours cool for hot days.

Stay simple yet bold!

-Sherry Kim
Good News Weekly Fashionista


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