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Were you captivated by the Transformers movies, left dreaming of what it would be like to have a life-size transformer of your own? The reality is, you may have your own transformer sooner than you think.

The Terrafugia, a small airplane that can drive on roads has been billed as the first ‘flying car!’, and is now one step closer to becoming street and sky legal, clearing a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulatory weight hurdle for classification into the ‘light sport aircraft category.

The Terrafugia has come in 50kgs over-weight in accommodating roadworthy safety items for this category, but the FAA have ruled that as long as consumers are advised of this weight difference, the car-plane hybrid vehicle can be sold.

Completing it’s maiden voyage last March in New York, in true transformer style, the car can switch from a roadable vehicle to a winged aircraft in just thirty-seconds, reaching speeds of 105 km/h and 185 km/h. The Terrafugia can cover 644 km before needing a refill of unleaded fuel. Pretty good efficiency for a transformer!

Membership into the category means that individuals eager to fly the Terrafugia will need only 20 hours of flying time training. And the price for these cars is expected at around $200,000 with deliveries beginning as soon as next year, pending more safety test approvals!

I can’t afford $200,000 but I’m going to start saving! Can you imagine what it would be like to never have to wait at another red light, or get stuck in another traffic jam ever again?


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