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With summer kicking into high gear here in Canada, thousands will be flocking to the beach for a dose of much needed vitamin D. If this weekend was any indication, it appears we are in for a wonderfully hot summer.

However, nothing can compare to the July sun of Dubai. With summer temperatures reaching an average of 40-50C it can be one of the most unbearable places to live - without some sort of relief.

Versace claims to have the solution by bringing refrigerated living to the beaches of their Dubai Hotel. A cooling system is being installed that will actually suck the heat out of the sand and leave it cool and comfortable for hotel guests to walk on. Engineers are laying a network of pipes below the sand next to the Palazzo Versace Hotel, filled with a coolant that will absorb and remove the heat.

It is also rumored that giant blowers will be installed along the beach to waft gentle cool air over the hotel guests. Yes it is true, for a mere million dollars in net income, and a little bit of insanity you too can enjoy a chilled out experience in the hottest place on earth. I’ve already started saving, how about you?


  1. Stan says:

    I can't believe they are actually building a refrigerated beach! Crazy!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I like it!

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