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Turning dreams into reality is what this high tech bot is all about!

After successfully teaching their PR2 robot to play pool and win, the guys over at Willow Garage have now successfully taught PR2 to fold socks, and even fetch a beer!

Folding socks may seem simple, but for a robot, this is a very complex task. The PR2 must first determine if the socks are inside out and flip them around if needed, then decide if the socks are oriented in the same direction, and finally locate the exact points in which the socks should be picked up to ensure the perfect fold.

At the moment it takes PR2 almost 15 minutes to fold one pair of socks, however, this handy little robot has another trick up it’s sleeves that will help make the wait more bearable - it fetches beer!

With a simple voice command instructing the robot which beer to retrieve, the PR2 heads to the fridge, picks out the beer, and then delivers it to you using face recognition software.

The PR2 robot goes on sale next month for a handsome $400,000 per unit, and is touted to become the new “man’s best friend”.

Sorry pooches, until a dog can do my laundry, I will be saving for one of these bad boys!

Watch the Videos Below!

Fetching a Beer

Playing Pool

Folding Socks


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