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It has long been a Canadian dream, some might even argue that it is the ultimate dream – a vending machine that serves beer!

Well, that dream has become a reality for a small group of our southern neighbours, but it comes with a little twist.

Residents of Pennsylvania can now buy wine from vending machines, but only after they pass a mandatory breath test to prove that they haven’t been drinking.

There are currently 2 vending machines kiosks in operation, with another 98 being planned for the Fall. In order to use one, buyers must insert a driver’s license proving they are over 21, their identity is then verified via a video link by a member of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board who is at the other end of the video feed. Then they move onto the next stage, requiring that the buyer blow into a breathalizer to prove that their blood alcohol level is less than .02.

If all stages are completed successfully, they can then insert payment, and choose from a selection of over 50 wines.

Stacy Kriedeman, a spokeswoman for the PLCB, said the breathalyzer is designed to perform the same service as liquor store employees who deny service to anyone who appears to be drunk. Only 2% of purchasers have failed the breath test, leading authorities to believe that this new method of purchase will be a big success.

What do you think about the new breath test vending machine?


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