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The reign of Elvis lives on! Literally!

It is the second most visited private home in America (The Whitehouse is first), and it was lived in by a rock legend who died 33 years ago - yup, the Graceland manor in Memphis. Every year, fans gather at Elvis Presley’s home for a week before the anniversary of his death to pay tribute and honor to the cultural icon.

These types of celebrations create some frenzied fans, and eBay is feeling the heat from the Elvis obsession. Every day, during the celebration, hundreds of listings are posted for Elvis memorabilia. Today, there are over 50,000 Elvis Presley related listings on eBay.

If you love Elvis, but not enough to buy a knife set with "king of rock" written on them, there are thousands of other items up for grabs. Here are some of the more outrageously priced items up for sale or sold on eBay.

  • Elvis Presley Bobblehead with 1 Carat of Diamonds in the back of his black jacket: on sale for $36,995

  • Elvis Presley That’s All Right Mint Unplayed 45: $12,000

  • The Elvis Presley Game from 1957 with Box: $1,999.99

  • Elvis USA Flag Pin studded with sapphires, rubies & diamonds: sold for $20,000

  • Water that was said to be left in a cup that Elvis once drank from: sold for $455

Elvis' 1969 Mercedes: sold for $245,000. Although much to the dismay of A New York father, who after bidding on the item, didn't intend to buy it for the price. He claims his daughter accidentally hit the 'buy it now' button and purchased the car.

This left the father feeling… “All Shook Up


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