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Hairstyles are always changing! And lately the male hairstyle has taken on a whole new look. Here are a few of the many styles that are “in” right now.

Faux Hawk: A more extreme style next to the mohawk. The Faux Hawk is a more funkier style with its growing popularity and is being adopted by both men and women. Make sure you have plenty of strong hold gel, hairspray or hair paste to keep the hairstyle in place. It does sound like a lot of work but its worth it!

Buzz cuts with scratches: For those who like for the cool clean cut look, you can try for a short buzz cut with two completely shaved side lines that give an illusion of scratches. If you want these scratches don’t necessarily have to be two straight lines, it can be in any shape or form. This style can bring out a rebellious yet clean look.

The Beiber: Sleek and smooth. The Beiber fever not only goes for Justin, but his hairstyle as well! This hairstyle with its layers and thick texture falls smoothly along the sides of your cheeks bringing out your facial features along with an adorable appearance. If you’re going for this look make sure to try out the famous Beiber hair flip!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome insight on modern hair cuts for men! Wish there were more styles tho :P

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    Sherry Kim has just posted an extended version of the Guys Hairstylz article. Check it out Here:

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