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60 feet below the ocean surface lies an underwater hotel that quite literally will leave you sleeping with the fishes. Just outside Key Largo is home to the world’s first underwater hotel.

What was once a state of the art underwater research facility, has been transformed into the ultimate underwater getaway. To access the Jules Undersea Lodge, guests dive down 21 meters
before entering through the moon pool, which takes you to the wet room that is filled with compressed air to stop water from rising inside.

The accommodation can house up to 6 people at a time, with two rooms and a pullout couch. There is a kitchen, bathroom, and best of all a, 42” big screen window looking out into the ocean. Basically your own personal Planet Earth channel, commentary not included.

Resort activities include, well, what else, scuba diving, with an unlimited supply of tanks for hotel guests. The cost for this unique adventure? Packages start as low as $300/pp/night.

So don’t worry if you see some bobbing heads in the harbour later this week. That is just the Good News Weekly team practicing scuba for our underwater adventure. I wonder if there is room service?


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