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Three men are tried for various offenses and sentenced to death by a guillotine. One man is a Priest, one man is a Lawyer, and the other an Engineer.

The Priest is first. Slowly his head is placed in the guillotine, and with one swift motion the executioner pulls the cord!… but nothing happens, the blade does not fall. The priest looks up and says, “This was a sign from God, I am to be spared!” and he is set free.

The Lawyer is next. They place his head down, the executioner pulls the cord, and again nothing happens. “Ha ha, this is double jeopardy, I cannot be convicted of the same crime twice, you have to let me go!” says the Lawyer. And he too is set free.

Last but not least, the Engineer is placed in the guillotine, and the executioner once again yanks on the cord. But again, the blade does not fall. The Engineer turns around, looks up toward the blade, and exclaims, “Oh, I see your problem.”


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