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Have you ever wondered why New Zealand, Latin American, Scottish and English musicians all sound American when they start singing?

Studies in the past have suggessted that non-American singers willfully put on American accents to cheat their style and become more popular in the United States. However, recent research suggests the opposite; that an American accent becomes the default, especially when singing pop.

After conducting tests on New Zealand singers, Dr. Gibson from the University of Auckland found that each one automatically sang with an American accent, and many of them didn't even know they were doing it. It turns out the American accent and the way words are rounded off makes it the easiest accent to sing in.

"It doesn't require any effort to sing in American, trying to sing in a New Zealand accent would take awarerness and effort, its hard" Dr. Gibson replies.

If you have an English accent, or a New Zealand accent, actually singing in your own accent would make you stick out, "everyone sings in an American accent, so for pop music, it has become the automatic and acceptable way of signing," Gibson states. It seems, even your sunconcious wants you to fit in.

There is one caveat; the accent musicans sing in may in face be more about the style of music than where they come from. Have you ever tried to sing reggae? You most likely tried to take on a Jamaican accent, however, an individual from Jamaica will take on a Southern American accent when singing country!

This leaves only one burning question: Where do you go to find a Jamaican country singer to test this theory on?


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