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This isn’t your regular battery powered car! This is the Buckeye Bullet, and with the help of a dedicated team of engineers, it is breaking all the rules.

The Buckeye Bullet has just set a new land speed record for an electric car by posting a blistering top speed of 515km/hr (320 mph) on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah this past week. The Bullet shot across the testing ground in full throttle, beating the original estimates of skeptics, as well as the team themselves. This is the first landspeed racer to be run fully on battery power.

For the team of mechanics, engineers, and scientists from Ohio State, this marks a new age in electric vehicle technology, proving that battery power and speed can in fact go hand in hand. The old record was a mere 100km/hr.

Best of all, this is only considered a test-bed for the next model that they hope to build in the near future. The plan is to go bigger, better, and faster.

This left us wondering, how many other items could benefit from a little extra battery juice? I can certainly think of a few...


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