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Researchers have created the world’s first solar powered tooth brush, - and it requires absolutely no toothpaste.

Dr. Kunio Komiyama and his colleague Dr. Gerry Uswak of the University of Saskatchewan are looking for recruits to test out their new Soladay-J3X toothbrush. Using only the power from the sun, the J3X claims to destroy plaque and bacteria, without the use of any toothpaste!

The concept is simple but the science behind it is a bit complicated. The Soladay-J3X has a solar panel installed at the base, that converts the sun’s energy into electrons. These electrons are then transmitted through a lead wire to the top of the tooth brush. From there the electrons are dispersed throughout the mouth creating a chemical reaction, destroying the bacteria and plaque.

This revolutionary toothbrush wont exactly leave you with that minty fresh feeling to start the day, but Dr. Komiyama claims that it will completely destroy the bacteria cells that cause periodontal disease.

Dr. Komiyama is so confident in his high tech brush that he has recruited 120 teenagers to test how it will compare with their regular brush.

Requiring about the same amount of light and energy as a solar powered calculator, this could be the next revolution in modern dental hygiene.

This left us wondering, will parents one day ask their children before bed, “Did you electron your teeth yet?”

This video is a bit creepy, kind of reminds me of the in-flight safety video.


  1. Anonymous says:

    doesn't seem very practical

  2. To the person saying it's not practical - if you mean the solar powered part - well - a solar powered calculator is practical. So why not this? As with a calculator - this doesn't require much electricity (unlike the brushes that use electricity to drive motors that move the bristles).

    I think this is an interesting idea - but it sounds risky to eliminate all bacteria in the mouth. We have a symbiotic relationship with our mouth bacteria - there will be downsides to eliminating it.

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