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Whether it’s during the winter fall spring or summer, skinny jeans are rapidly growing in popularity among both men and women.

For Women: Skinny jeans are sexy for any occasion and have become the hottest thing around. These hip huggers are tight around the legs all the way down to the ankles showing off the best features of a women’s body. Women can also try coupling these jeans with a pair of heels, boosting your style to a whole new level.

For Men: For those who aren’t familiar with skinnys, some may think that these tight fitting jeans aren’t meant to be worn by men. But men’s skinny jeans have a different fit then woman’s. Loose around the waist and the crotch area, men’s skinny jeans are comfortable while doing pretty much anything.

The skinny's are quickly coming back to modern fashion in a new and hotter form! So don't be afraid, try it out!


  1. Tom says:

    I really enjoy my men's jeans, the skinny cut isn't uncomfortable at all, they make the crotch area more roomy, you don't feel so squished.

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