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The oddest, weirdest, and quirkiest superstitions from NHL Players

It’s that time again! Yes, the NHL has resumed play as preseason kicked off last Tuesday night, exciting hockey fans from coast to coast. As the season begins, so do the players’ meticulous and superstition filled routines which range from the specifics of a pre game meal to when NOT to get a haircut. Here’s a look at some of our favourite superstitions from some of the games most recognizable stars.

Wayne Gretzky
Why not start with hockey’s Great One? While one could find many reasons as to why Wayne Gretzky holds over 50 NHL records, the Great One himself may point to his pre game superstitions. Gretzky was adamant about putting on his equipment the exact same way before every game, always preferring to put the left side on before the right. However, Gretzky’s quirkiest superstition would occur when he would be on the road. The Great One refused to get his haircut while on the road, as the one time he did, his team lost horribly.

Patrick Roy
Goalies have always been a little bit odd, and one of the all time greats was no different. Before every game, Roy would skate out to the blue line and stare at his net to envision it shrinking. However, while he would skate out to the blue line, he would never touch it as Roy would consciously never touch either the blue or red lines at any point during the warm-up. Roy’s most well known superstition however, was his constant chatter with his goal posts as he claimed that the goalposts “were his friends” and would help him out whenever he needed to make a save.

Brendan Shanahan
One of the NHL’s most feared power forwards during the 1990’s had a secret weapon up his sleeve that he used on every game day: Madonna. Yes that’s right, Shanny had a fixation with the Material Girl, as he would always listen to Madonna songs on game days. Can anyone else imagine Brendan Shanahan “striking a pose”? Yeah, we can’t either.

Joe Nieuwendyk
Perhaps the two oddest superstitions come from former Calgary Flames star, Joe Nieuwendyk. Nieuwendyk used to eat exactly 2 pieces of peanut butter toast before each game. To complete his pregame routine, Nieuwendyk used to sprinkle baby powder all over the blade of his stick, which he believed gave the stick magical powers and would help him score goals.

Ed Belfour
A goaltender that made you drop your jaw with his on ice performance, and shake your head in disbelief with his off ice antics, Eddie the Eagle was very clear about his pre game rituals. Belfour would never let anyone touch his equipment before a game, warning all of his teammates “If you touch my stuff, I’ll kill you”. Belfour would go on to win a Stanley Cup in 1999 as well as 2 Vezina trophies as the NHL’s top goaltender.


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