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When we think of summer we think of shorts and flip-flops because of course we’ll do anything to keep cool.

But what are we to do when it comes to our cranked up levels of AC indoors? Especially for those who work in offices with the air conditioner up so high it could freeze our toes off, here are a few ways to keep warm inside the AC chill.

First things first, you can wear chic shoes but they don’t have to be open-toed. Body heat is lost from your toes so keep those feet toasty with some covered-toe shoes with straps.

91% of your body heat comes out of your neck so a lightweight wrap around scarf will make you feel much warmer. An alternative to keeping your neck covered can be wearing your hair down. If you have medium or long length hair, let it loose!

A neutral coloured cardigan will always look great with any outfit. Keep one at your desk and cover up whenever you feel a chill.

Keep these fashion tips in mind, and enjoy fashion comfort indoors!


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