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Professor Merle White of the mathematics department, Professor Leslie Black of philosophy, and Jean Brown, a young stenographer who worked in the university's office of admissions, were lunching together.

"Isn't it remarkable," observed the lady, "that our last names are Black, Brown and White and that one of us has black hair, one brown hair and one white."

"It is indeed," replied the person with black hair, "and have you noticed that not one of us has hair that matches his or her name?"

"By golly, you're right!" exclaimed Professor White.

If the lady's hair isn't brown, what is the color of Professor Black's hair?

Solution: Professor's Black hair is blonde.

Complete explanation: From the conversation Professor White's hair can't be white (for then it would match his or her name), nor can it be black because he (or she) replies to the black-haired person. Therefore it must be brown. If the lady's hair isn't brown, then Professor White is not a lady.

The remark from the black-haired person can't be from Professor Black (for then the color of hair would match his or her name) and can't be from Professor White as well (because the remark prompts an exclamation from White). Therefore the black-haired person is Jean Brown. Based on this the first statement from the lady is made by Professor Black. Her hair can't be black or brown, so she must be blonde.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Well you are wrong. It clearly states " that one of us has black hair, one brown hair and one white."

    The answer is white.

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