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As you are sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner this weekend, take a second to stare out into the deep dark sky. You might see some extraterrestrial life starring back at you. Okay, maybe not, but we are getting steps closer to finding company on other planets.

A team of astronomers from the University of California and Carnegie Institute of Washington have announced the discovery of a new planet, Gliese 581g. The big news? This planet may very well have liquid water on its surface, which is of course the most important factor for the support and existence of extraterrestrial life.

These brainy astronomers have been able to deduce that Gliese 581g’s surface temperature is similar to Earths. Meaning that some of the water on the planet’s surface has to be in liquid form rather than ice or vapor. At 3 to 4 times the mass of Earth and with an orbit time of just under 37 days, it is also estimated that Gliese 581g has enough gravity to hang onto its own atmosphere. An atmosphere combined with liquid water gives these astronomers the closest discovery to date of a potentially habitable planet.

To discover the planet, the team used 238 separate observations of the planet’s star over a period of 11 years. Through their observations they could determine minute changes in the star’s velocity that was occurring from the gravitational pull of the planet, and so on and so on.

The real news is that the team at Good News Weekly is investigating how easy it will be to buy and rename the planet to “Good News”. Imagine what it would be like to live a whole year out in just 37 days. That is a lot of happy Good News Years!


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