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First it was the Healthy Choices menu, then the McCafe, and now an outrageous leap into.. wedding planning!

McDonald's, whose Golden Arches emblem is identified as an American cultural symbol, will soon be offering a new "McWedding" service for couples in Hong Kong starting early next year.

It all started when a Hong Kong couple who had their first date at McDonald's decided they wanted to make their relationship official by getting married at the fast food joint. McDonald’s executives predicted that discount McDonald’s weddings could become a big success, and decided to capitalize. "McWeddings" will be available at three Hong Kong restaurants, which will also host anniversary events, according to the Chinese-language Oriental Daily.

Mickey D’s crazed fans will be able to profess their love to each other as early as January 1, 2011. McDonalds started to accept reservations last week and it is reported there is at least one booking so far!

If you’re skeptical like me, you might think “This will never catch on!” But you might be wrong.

The traditional Chinese wedding has become a growing burden for many young Hong Kongers. In a traditional Hong Kong weddings, families like to host a dozen or more tables at a five star hotel restaurant, costing roughly $15,000 – $20,000.

McDonald's nuptials will cost a mere $128, and include the usual fast-food fare—even a baked apple pie wedding cake, and a wedding dress made from balloons. Instead of the traditional cherries that Hong Kong newlyweds eat together and kiss, the sensual food of choice will be the golden french frie.

It is unclear if Ronald will be performing the ceremony, or if a happy meal toy is included as wedding gift. However, one thing is for sure, saying “I McDo” under the golden arches will certainly be a calorie rich event.


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