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The Best Western hotel chain has decided to open their books and reveal some of the most unusual hotel requests. We could not resist the urge to dig through them and present a few of our favorites.

  • One organization requested circus training for all of it’s employees.
  • A private meeting room for men who wanted to wear baby gowns.
  • A group of travelers requested a menu consisting entirely of blue food.
  • A lawnmower convention that required lawn space to test each of the mowers.
  • Pet lovers who requested Reiki classes for the gods, and ajoining rooms so each could have their own bed.
  • A sex addict support group requested rooms with single beds, and a dedicated staff member to make sure they went to bed alone.
  • 7 foot beds for a group from Great Britain that only has members over 6 feet tall.

“We always try to accommodate our guests' requirements – no matter how off the wall they may be,” said Tim Wade, head of marketing at Best Western.
-Well that is a sweet gesture, isn't it.


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