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Believe it or not, superheros do exist, and this is one story that will make a believer out of even the most jaded skeptic.

An American family from the south (who have chosen to remain anonymous) were facing foreclosure on their family home. The estate had been in the family since the early 50’s, and they had taken out a second mortgage to start a business. Unfortunately, the business went under, and the money ran out.

With no other options, the family began packing their belongings. It was then that they stumbled across a box full of old comics. Most would be worth a few dollars at best, that is with the exception of one very special comic buried near the bottom. A copy of Action Comics No. 1, dated 1938, the first comic that Superman ever appeared in.

It is believed that there are only about 100 copies of the No. 1 edition worldwide, and only a dozen or so in reasonable condition. The comic, which was originally purchased for 10 cents, will now fetch upwards of a quarter million dollars. It was the saving grace that the family needed, and it could not have come a moment too soon.

"I was so nervous when I realized what it was worth," the owner of the comic said. "I know I am very fortunate but I will be greatly relieved when this book finds a new home."

Superman, a comic character that originated from Canadian artist Joe Shuster, is the most popular superhero in history, and is widely regarded as the founder of the superhero obsession.

"You couldn't have asked for a happier ending," Zurzolo said. Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of and Metropolis Comics and Collectibles in New York (the firm that will help broker the comic sale). "Superman saved the day."

This left us wondering, what will a copy of the Good News Weekly Vol 1.1 be worth in 60 years?


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