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Looking for a kick ass Halloween costume? We’ve got you covered!
Although the price tag might be a little bit high with some of the costumes.

10. Matador ($249.99)
Fend off bulls and all unwanted creatures with this costume.

9. Gruesome Bat Creature Reacher Costume ($249.99)
While we can’t guarantee that this costume will be a hit with the ladies, we can assure you that you’ll be the only guy wearing this costume.

8. Bat Girl ($399.99)
Guys aren’t the only ones who can dress as superheroes for Halloween! Be a hero and save the party with this costume.

7. Authentic Chewbacca Costume ($449.99)
Only the truest of true Star Wars fan will splurge on this costume. Han Solo sold separately.

6. Max Suit from “Where the Wild Things Are” ($610.00)
This costume might be worth more than the movie itself.

5. The “Real Deal” Darth Vader Costume ($794.00)
This has to be the coolest costume of the 10. An authentic costume licensed by the George Lucas Studios, you’re sure to be the coolest looking person at the party.

4. Bounty Hunter ($795.99)
Would it make sense if the Bounty Hunter costume was worth more than the Bounty itself?

3. Authentic Batman Costume ($999.99)
Who would’ve thought an authentic Batman costume would be worth more than Darth Vader? You may not be the only one wearing a Batman costume at your Halloween party, but at this price, you better hope you are.

2. The Vampire Stalkaround ($1,999.99)
This 8 foot tall costume is completed with inside levers to control its spindly, ghostly white appendages. By far the most realistic costume on the list thus far, this costume is sure to get you more than your fair share of looks.

1. Astronaut ($9 million)
No, that is not a typo. According to the Kennedy Space Center, each suit costs a minimum of $9 million. While there are many things you can do with $9 Million, we never thought buying a Halloween costume would be one of them.

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