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Benefits: Whether it be your job, family, school exam, in-laws or even the weather, stress puts
unnecessary strain on your body which can lead to all sorts of unappealing health problems!

But don't worry, just like Superman, Vitamin B5 is flying in to save the day! Known as the anti-stressor vitamin, B5 is believed to enhance the activity of the immune system and improve your body's ability to withstand stressful situations by regulating hormones such as Cortisol. It speeds up wound healing, while reducing infection.

If you are feeling low on sleep, B5 helps to improve the quality of the sleep, plus it helps you fight allergies. This leaves you feeling more energized and ready to take on life full stop even with those annoying stressors! Lucky for you, B5 is also present in most foods you eat, so it is easy to stay stocked up!

Best sources: mushrooms, cauliflower, liver, peanuts, eggs, split peas, wholegrains


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