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European users of the popular iPhone enjoyed an extra hour of sleep on Monday of last week. A glitch in the iPhone’s operating system stopped clocks from rolling back during daylight savings, leaving many wandering into work unbeknownst to their late arrival.

Fortunately the Europeans did not suffer the same problem as did the Australians and New Zealanders in September, when a jump ahead in their daylight savings sounded their alarms an hour earlier than needed. Trust me, Aussies do not like to get up early.

Most countries in Europe have their daylight savings on the last Sunday in October. Lucky for us in Vancouver, this has created an excellent testing ground for what is to come on the North American daylight savings which occurs on Sunday, November 7.

Apple’s PR division has acknowledged that they are aware of the problem, and have developed a fix, however no such update has been released at the time of this writing.

This left me wondering… if I show up late for work on Monday, can I really say, “My Apple made me do it?”


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