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There are robots, robots, everywhere! It is fine and dandy to imagine having a robot as your friend who gets you beer, or the maid who folds your laundry. It’s even plausible to imagine a robot as your colleague who dives hundreds of meters below the Ocean’s surface. All this seems relatively harmless.

However, I’m willing to bet that you have never imagined a robot fulfilling one particular role..that of your surgeon!

Canada's McGill University Health Centre made world history last month by hosting the world's first operation and anesthesia to be carried out entirely by robots. Go Canada!

The surgery was performed by two robots; Davinci, a surgical robot, and McSleeply, so appropriately named, an anesthetic robot. The operation? A prostatectomy; partial removal of the prostate gland. Yikes! Not exactly a routine kind of surgery. One slip could have meant disaster.

So how does robotic surgery work? 

The DaVinci robot is operated by a team of surgeons from a dedicated workstation via video control with 3D HD image quality. Anesthesia delivery through McSleepy is automated and can be configured exactly to specific needs of different surgeries. In the case of a prostatectomy, its a complex process as the patient positioning and muscle relaxation have to be perfect during administration. Automated anesthesia guarantees the same high level of care and is not subjective to the level of individual clinician expertise.

Operating the robot remotely allows real surgeons to perform delicate movements of the surgical instruments that simply could not be provided by humans alone. Robots in medicine can improve the safety and precision which can ultimatley lead to better outcomes. DaVinci and McSleepy as the ultimate duo robot team can together deliver the most modern and accurate patient care.

I don’t know how I feel about having ONLY a machine operate on me. Isn’t there something special about the human touch? Dr. Hemmerling from McGill assures “Robots will not replace
doctors but help them to perform to the highest standards."


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