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There is nothing better than slipping into a great fitting pair of blue jeans. Jeans are worn by millions the world over. So the question remains, why?

According to Social Scientists Dr. Woodward, and Dr. Miller, jeans allow people to fulfill the desire to blend in and not stand out. But this has little to do with conformity. People do want to stand out and be noticed, but they want to feel relaxed doing so. The fact that jeans can combine with nearly any other item of clothing allows individuals to feel comfortable and boost up their confidence; and that is what is so beautifully unique.

"The fact this one particular garment is worn all over the world, and in many countries is the dominant item of casual clothing, is all the more striking when we think about the dazzling array of choices that are offered by the fashion industry." Replies Dr. Woodward.

But did you know:

1) Blue jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss. May, 20th is the birthday of blue jeans.

2) 215 jeans can be made with only one bale of cotton

3) Jeans were called “waist overalls” or just “overalls” before 1960 and Levi Strauss changed it to its popular name of “jeans.”

4) The majority of jeans’ zippers have the word ‘YKK’ written on them which stands for ‘Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha’, a Japanese zipper manufacturer formed in 1934.


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