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After welcoming the talented Gwyneth Paltrow to the cast last week, this weeks Glee episode has another guest star as Carol Burnett joins the cast for an appearance as Sue Sylvester’s mother. During season one, Sue referred to her parents as “Nazi Hunters” so it should be interesting to see what type of role Carol Burnett plays. Burnett arrives in Lima, Ohio upon hearing news that Sue has decided to get married.

New Directions will cover two Bruno Mars songs this week as they sing, “Just the way you are” and “Marry You”. It was only a matter of time until the cast took on Bruno Mars, who has been hovering around the top of the Billboard charts for the better part of a year. Also this week, Sue and her mother sing a rendition of Wonderful Town’s “Ohio”.

Kurt has dominated much of the secondary storylines of this season, and that will continue this week as he deals with the soon to be marriage between his dad Finn’s mom.

This will be the 30th episode of Glee.


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