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The first version of the modern snowboard was created in 1965 by a man named Sherman Poppen. Invented as a toy for his daughter, the “Snurfer” (combining snow and surfer) was basically two skiis attached together with a rope at one end for control. Poppen licensed the idea to a manufacturer and sold just over 1 million units.

The Snurfer became popular at a local Michigan ski resort and attracted the attention of a young skateboarder by the name of Tom Sims (founder of Sims Snowboards), as well as the most popular name in modern snowboarding Jake Burton, a Carpenter from New York.

In 1979 the first ever World Snurfing Championship was held at Pando Winter Sports Park near Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jake Burton Carpenter, came from Vermont to compete with a snowboard of his own design.

Burton began adapting the Snurfer into what we now know as a Snowboard by attaching bindings for his feet. He originally sold boards out of the back of his garage, but soon the sport exploded and Burton became one of the most recognized snowboard brands in the world.


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