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Even after his death, it appears Michael Jackson isn’t done releasing new music. The pop icon who gave us the iconic albums “Off the Wall”, “Thriller”, and “Bad”, is giving us one more with his 2010 album “Michael”, which is set to be released in December. The album will feature previously unreleased music, including the soon to be first single “Breaking News”, which was originally recorded in 2007 and completed in 2009 after his death.

While all the details are yet to be released, the album will consist of 10-12 songs that Jackson worked on after his 2001 release “Invincible”. Jackson reportedly worked with several artists in between the years of 2001-2009, including Akon and Lady Gaga, but it is unknown if either of them will be featured on this album.

While many fans around the world wait anxiously for the release, the album has come under some harsh criticism. Many people close to Jackson have been critical, saying that, “Michael would never want his unfinished work to be released”. Jackson’s sister, La Toya, has gone on record saying that the album does not sound genuine and that the first release Breaking News doesn’t “sound a thing like Michael”.

So amidst excitement and criticism, Michael Jackson’s 11th studio album is set to hit the stores in less than one month’s time. While the quality may not be that of some of Jackson’s previous albums, listening to this album cover to cover is a must for any MJ fan over the holiday season.

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