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The photographers, models, and designers can all take a collective sigh of relief. Van Fashion Week wrapped up on Sunday with local designers Kersh and Press capping off what was an extravagant and fun filled week at the Empire Landmark Hotel. We had the pleasure of attending most of the showcases, and can say without hesitation that we’ve already begun counting down the days until next year’s event!

After seeing the shows on Saturday and Sunday, it was assuring to know that we here at Good News Weekly were able to interview the best and most fascinating designers at this year’s event. Along with Toronto based designer Ginger Martini, our favourite showcases belonged to the Leeds Design Team, which featured UK Designers Lisa Jayne Dann and Jamie Steward. Both designers had the pleasure of showing off their new spring and summer lines in front of a packed house, while Jamie Steward drew rave reviews from all who were in attendance for his use of scary, yet fashionable, bugs on some of the dresses (see picture). The bugs were used as a part of Steward’s “Greek Mythology” theme for the showcase.

We’d like to give a special shout out to the Leeds Marketing Team who funded the initiative to send UK designers to Van Fashion Week for the first time. The “European Invasion” made the event even more special, and we have our fingers crossed that we’ll get to see them again next year!

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