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Article by: Jamil Karim

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Vancouver Short Film Festival at the VIFC Vancity Theatre. Here are a few thoughts I had after seeing some of the best short films from B.C.

On Thursday night, the VSFF featured the top emerging short filmmakers in B.C. What struck me the most about these films was that all 9 of them were completely different. There was a wide range of genres including documentaries, suspense, and even a 5-minute animation film. This made the night even more enjoyable as the audience had the pleasure of seeing 9 unique films.

The Filmmakers
One of the highlights was seeing how happy and proud the filmmakers were. Having their short films broadcasted to a large audience must’ve been a great experience for them, and something I hope they remember for the rest of their lives. The filmmakers put in a lot of time and effort to make their short films and it was great to see them enjoying the moment.

The Acting
This night was not just about the filmmakers, but about the actors as well. Many of the films featured very high quality acting, particularly “Little Big Kid”, “The Letters”, and “Empire City”. We’d like to send out hearty congratulations to Thomas Orr-Loney (Little Big Kid) and Jadyn Wong (The Letters) for winning Best Actor and Actress in a Student Short Film.

David McDonald
Lastly, we must give a special shout out to our friend David McDonald. His film, “Empire City” won 4 awards, including “Best Director in a Student Film”. The film looked great on the big screen and I was very happy to see David and his team receive recognition for their great work. We foresee more awards in the future for this talented filmmaker.

For a full list of the award winners, click here:


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