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Personally, I find it almost impossible to whistle properly, which would leave me a bit speechless in this language.

A number of languages have been recorded that rely more heavily on whistling, than actual talk. One such language is Silbo Gomero, used on La Gomera in the Canary Islands.

Silbo Gomero has it’s roots in Spanish, but for the speakers, most of the words and phrases are whistled. Unfortunately, "El Silbo" began dying out in the late 20th century, however, its study has since been mandated throughout all the schools on the island in order to preserve the unique characteristics of the language.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we try to find a sample of said language!? Would be great to hear.

  2. feverlei says:

    I am from Trabzon, Turkey. That kind of communication is also used in highlands of where I live. The whole village can understand eachother just by whistling.

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