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Statistically speaking, we are watching more TV than ever. We do it on computers, smartphones, and of course, traditional televisions. But just how severe has our addiction to TV become?

Three men from California are now undisputed, the #1 TV addicts in the world after taking part in a TV watching competition in Holleywood. The trio watched a record breaking 86 hours and 6 minutes straight, securing their spot in the coveted Guinness Book of World Records, and taking home $10,000 in prize money.

The contestants were placed in a room with a constant stream of the hit series 24 playing in front of them. The only rules were that they could not sleep and could not take their eyes off the screen at any point during the competition (with the exception of a 10 minute break every 2 hours). It is unclear if caffeine was injected straight into their blood stream, but they somehow made it for almost 4 full days without a flinch.

To compare, the average American watches about 4 hours of television per day, or 61 days a year! Canadians and Australians averaged 48 days of TV a year, which may be a bit more disciplined but that is still a lot of days spent on the couch!

Add to this the 30+ hours that people spend on their computers and smartphones each week, and this works out to a staggering 100+ days of TV/computer/phone screen viewing per year. That’s 1/3 of every day that is spent staring at a screen! Crazy!

Basically, you can watch TV virtually anywhere, at anytime, and people do! A recent survey revealed that 80% of people admit to using some form of technology while on the toilet.

Television is great and all, but lets not forget that it’s also important to put our smartphones down, take our eyes away from the computer and get back in touch with nature! And no, that does not mean tuning in to the Discovery channel!


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