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Despite popular belief that a good ol shot of espresso will wake you up faster than coffee, it really depends on the size of your cup. 1 single shot of espresso contains about 40mg of caffeine, while a regular cup of coffee contains upwards of 135mg.

The reason for the discrepancy lies in the roasting process. The longer the coffee been is roasted the more caffeine it loses. Espresso beans are usually roasted longer than standard coffee beans, reducing the caffeine content.

Additionally, because the espresso bean is brewed quickly, some of the caffeine is left behind in the grinds. Whereas for drip coffee, almost all of the caffeine is extracted due to it’s slow, saturating drainage process.

So the next time you find yourself looking for that ultimate pick-me-up, you may want to consider regular coffee, or a triple shot of espresso to achieve the same effect.


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