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If you’re not in the Christmas spirit, you will be after this week’s episode of Glee! This week the Glee cast sings a variety of songs off the “Glee Christmas Album”, such as “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, “We Need a Little Christmas”, “Merry Christmas Darling”, and several others.

The storyline for this episode primarily focuses around a Secret Santa gift exchange amongst the faculty, which Sue decides to tamper with (in true Sue Sylvester style). Storylines within the Glee club focus around Finn, who decides to bring some holiday spirit to the school by brining in a Christmas tree, and Artie who finds out Britney still believes in Santa Claus.

Last week’s episode ended with New Directions advancing through Sectionals and beaming out Florence and the Machine’s “The Dog Days are Over”. Also, Finn ended his relationship with fellow Glee Captain Rachel Berry after she cheated on him with Puck.

While there are no special guest stars this week, recurring character such as Coach Bieste, Blaine (Darren Criss), and Sue’s minion Becky will all be in this week’s episode.

This is the 32nd episode of Glee.


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