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Well, believe it or not, we have reached the end of our Christmas Countdown. With only 1 week to go until Santa makes his way around the world, we bring you our last decade of toys. The uber connected, ultra high tech period of the…

The 2000’s

First conceived in 2001, it would take another 5 years of prep for Nintendo to finally release the Wii console in November of 2006. Within days of its release, the Wii quickly became the “must-have” item of every Christmas shopper’s wish list. The demand was so high that retailers faced shortages for almost a year after the initial release. This left some desperate fans to purchase off EBay for as much as $2500, a 1000% markup on the retail price. Wii is credited with breathing a new life into the once dying Nintendo empire. As of December 2010, worldwide sales of the Wii console had reached over 75 million; out-pacing both Xbox and PlayStation 3.

Released in 2001, four small ten-inch dolls (Cloe, Jade, Sasha, and Yasmin) made up the original Bratz, an American line of fashion dolls. The dolls became so popular that by 2005 global sales of the Bratz dolls, accessories, and spin-offs had reached over 2 billion. By 2006, they accounted for 40% of the fashion doll market. Think you have the whole collection? Guess again, by August 2010 there had been 559 different dolls released to the market. That is a lot of dolls!


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