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Uncovering the origins of kissing under mistletoe.

After weeks of research, several sleepless nights, and a large number of very unhappy girls, the team at Good News Weekly have uncovered the highly secretive origins of kissing under mistletoe during the Christmas season.

The origins of kissing under mistletoe during the holiday season dates back all the way to the early 17th century. Mistletoe is believed to possess a “mystical power” that contains “life-giving” power and has the ability to bring peace between enemies. In Scandinavia, mistletoe was considered a plant of peace, under which enemies could declare a truce or warring spouses could kiss and make-up.

In the 18th century, kissing under mistletoe took on a whole new meaning. It was believed that a young woman standing under mistletoe could not refuse to be kissed, and that a passionate kiss could mean the beginning of a deep romance. On the contrary, if a woman were not kissed while standing under mistletoe, it would mean that she was not able to get married for another full year. Needless to say, Christmas time for young women during the 18th century was filled with equally as much stress as holiday cheer!

Lastly, after every kiss under the mistletoe, the man would have to pluck the berries off the plant. We would strongly advise not bringing back this tradition, as the berries are poisonous and may make the whole process far more trouble than it’s worth!

While the history of mistletoe appears to have been lost, the tradition of kissing under mistletoe still remains today. After all the weeks of research, we have come to one definitive conclusion: Mistletoe is the definitely the “Good News Plant”.


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