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Our Reindeer Profile Series continues with Comet. Comet is widely regarded as the “bad boy” in the group and is often times in trouble with the law. Santa Claus has gone on record to say he likes the added edge that Comet brings to his Reindeer Corps but isn’t always a fan of Comet’s extracurricular activities. We had a chance to catch up with Comet at the Jay-Z concert in New York City.

GNW: Comet, we are only a handful of days away from Christmas Day. How are you feeling heading into the big day?

Comet: I feel great. I’m here chilling in NYC with my boy Jay-Z and the Rocafella crew trying to have a good time before I head back to the North Pole at the end of the week.

GNW: You’re known throughout the reindeer community as a “bad boy” and “party animal”. Do those labels bother you or do you embrace them?

Comet: I am what I am and I can’t change that. I was talking to my homeboy Tiger Woods about this the other day and he just told me to embrace who I am. The cars, money, women…man it’s who I am. Representing the 213 district

GNW: 213 district? Aren’t you from the North Pole?

Comet: I reside in the California 213 district during the offseason. Me, Snoop Dogg, and Lil Wayne party hard in the LBC.

GNW: Speaking of Snoop Dogg, is it true that you will be featured on his next hit single that’s due out in 2011?

Comet: Yeah man me and Snoop have been talking for years about featuring me on one of his tracks. The timing just worked out perfectly. The single should drop in early 2011.

GNW: You recently had in a run in with the law. The story spread like wildfire and even landed you on the front page of People Magazine. Can you elaborate on that?

Comet: Anytime I leave the North Pole to meet my homies down here, the media is all over me. The night in question that landed me on the front page of People Magazine was totally blown out of proportion. I was out on the town with my girl Lindsay Lohan and things kind of got out of control. The past is the past, and I’m just looking ahead to the future.

GNW: Given Donner’s discipline and attention to detail, there have been a lot of Internet rumors about an ongoing feud between you two. Can you confirm or deny these reports?

Comet: Donner and me are like brothers, man. We ride next to each other on Santa’s sleigh each Christmas. We hold down the middle of the reindeer lineup. Do we have different personalities? Absolutely. But that’s why we work so well together. We’re kind of like a “Fire and Ice” combo.

GNW: Thanks so much for your time Comet! Enjoy the Jay-Z concert

Comet: Word.

Tune in tomorrow as we sit down for an exclusive interview with “The Casanova of Reindeer”, Cupid. This is the most intimate interview of the series, so be sure not to miss it. View Interview Here


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