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Our Reindeer Profile series continues with Cupid. Cupid is known throughout the North Pole as “a lover, not a reindeer”. He’s constantly on the hunt for that special lady, and always knows exactly what to say to make the women of the North Pole go crazy. We had the pleasure of catching up with Cupid at his villa in Paris, France.

GNW: Cupid, Christmas Day is just around the corner. How are you feeling and what are your thoughts on the big day?

Cupid: I can’t wait. This is the one-day of the year where I get to travel the globe and meet all the finest women this planet has to offer. It doesn’t hurt that I generally come bearing gifts as well!

GNW: Speaking of meeting women, last year on Christmas Day you were spotted on what seemed like a romantic date with Jennifer Aniston. Can you elaborate on this?

Cupid: Ah yes, that was quite the night. We had just landed in Los Angeles and Santa was going chimney-to-chimney dropping off the gifts. I figured I had enough time to meet up with Jennifer for a nice meal. I got us a late night reservation at Cicada, which everyone knows is one of the most romantic restaurants in all of Los Angeles. We had a nice meal, topped off with an $800 bottle of wine. It was a lovely evening.

GNW: Why Jennifer Aniston? You’re known worldwide as “The Casanova of Reindeer” and you have seemingly no trouble making a lady’s head spin. I’m curious as to why you set your sights on Aniston?

Cupid: She had just gotten out of a tough relationship with Bradley Cooper and she needed a shoulder to cry on. Enter Cupid.

GNW: Well played. Just recently you were spotted by TMZ on a romantic getaway with Scarlet Johansson. How was that?

Cupid: It was amazing. I surprised Scarlet one morning by telling her that we were going away. We took a romantic cruise on my 300ft. Yacht and it was absolutely lovely. Just me, her, and the water.

GNW: Wow Cupid, you truly are a romantic. According to several North Pole sources, there are rumors of an inter-reindeer romance between you and Vixen. Can you confirm these reports?

Cupid: [Laughter]. Vixen’s a sweet girl, but we’re just friends. I don’t like to mix business with pleasure.

GNW: You have a new tell-all in the latest edition of GQ. Care to give us a few details?

Cupid: [laughing] Let's just say, it is unlike any other GQ you have ever seen.

GNW: So how does your expertise in the opposite sex help out at the North Pole?

Cupid: Basically I am the go to guy when it comes to love and romance. Every year around Valentine's Day I help Santa prepare a special meal for Mrs. Clause, and give him a few pointers on how to keep things fresh in the marriage. I'd say I've done a pretty good job.

GNW: Yes, agreed. Thank you so much for your time Cupid! All the best on the Christmas Day and best of luck with your love life!

Cupid: Thank You [Cupid grabs GNW’s hand and kisses it]

GNW: [Begins to feel lightheaded]

Tune in tomorrow as GNW sits down for an interview with the North Pole’s biggest shopaholic, Vixen! As the modern day fashionista of the North Pole, this is one interview you certainly don't want to miss. Click here for the Interview


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