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Our Reindeer Profile Series continues with Reindeer siblings Dancer and Prancer. The siblings have been two of Santa’s most dependable reindeers and always seem to be in direct competition. Both Dancer and Prancer have taken home multiple “Reindeer of the Year” awards and have garnered media attention from all over the world for their all-around game. We had a chance to catch up with the brother/sister combo at their family home in the North Pole.

GNW: Dancer and Prancer, it is an honor to meet with two such established reindeer. How are you two feeling heading into Christmas Day?

Dancer: I feel great. Never felt better. Christmas Day is when the best reindeer come out to shine, and that’s what I plan on doing.

Prancer: This is the best I’ve ever felt. Dancer can say he’s “never felt better” but I know he doesn’t feel as good as me heading into Christmas Day.

Dancer: Are you kidding me? If you felt half as good as me, you’d be happy!

Prancer: Pssssh. Everyone in the Pole knows I’ve been carrying you for years. I’m the one who does this family proud every holiday season, not you.

GNW: Easy easy! I had heard that there was an intense sibling rivalry between you two, but I had no idea it was this heated!

Dancer: Prancer wishes there was a rivalry. If there were, that would just make her more relevant.

Prancer: Is that why I was named “Reindeer of the Decade” by People Reindeer Magazine?

GNW: Interesting. Dancer, what are your thoughts on that? It was quite clear you wanted that award desperately and losing it to your sister must have been tough on you.

Dancer: She paid off the judging panel. It’s the only way she could’ve won. My numbers over the last decade speak for themselves: Over 1 million gifts delivered, 8 billion km. travelled, and I’m a 5 time winner of the North Pole Gazettes “Most Valuable Reindeer Award”. There is no way I should’ve lost.

Prancer: Excuses! I beat you fair and square. Everyone knows you don’t give 100% every time you’re out there. Plus, anytime Santa rolls up into cold weather territory you’re a no show! Anyone can be great in South America and Australia on Christmas Day, but a real warrior reindeer gets it done in all climates.

GNW: This rivalry appears to be heating up by the second! However, moving away from your work as reindeer, it’s well documented that both of you are among the most educated reindeer of the bunch. Prancer, you have a PhD in Electrical Engineering, and Dancer you have a Bachelor of Commerce of Degree from the Wharton School of Business. Can you guys talk about that?

Prancer: Absolutely! Working as an electrical engineer during the Christmas offseason is a blast. I’m currently working on developing traffic lights up here in the North Pole. Contrary to popular belief, Santa Claus isn’t the best driver of the bunch and all of us reindeer fear for our lives every time he takes control of the sleigh.

Dancer: She’s right! Santa Claus is an absolutely terrible driver. With my BCOM Degree, I’m looking to expand Santa’s global empire. We are looking to set up operations in China and the Middle East and I’m currently trying to secure investors to help us cut down on our profit margins. So needless to say, the work I’m doing is far more important to the North Pole than what Prancer is doing.

Prancer: Dancer wants to privatize Christmas. How is that helpful for anybody?! Dancer’s gone bankrupt more times than Donald Trump.

GNW: Wow, this is a real bitter sibling rivalry. Does the rivalry affect your work as reindeer?

Dancer: It just makes me better. Knowing that my sister is riding right next to me, constantly trying to out stage me, it just makes me a better all-around reindeer.

Prancer: We have great chemistry out there together, so it definitely helps me having him right next to me. The rivalry pushes me to better than he is every time we are out there. Also, the 2010 Reindeer of the Year Awards are happening on December 26th, and I would love to add another trophy to my collection.

Dancer: That awards mine this year. I’ve been working out with Donner all summer long getting ready for this year. Nothing will stop me.

GNW: Clearly the competition and rivalry is at an all time high heading into this year’s Christmas Day. We’d like to wish you two the best of luck and may the best sibling win!

Prancer: Thanks, I will.

Dancer and Prancer stare angrily at each other

Tune in tomorrow as GNW sits down with “The Forgotten Reindeer”, Dasher!


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